About The Project

Short Summary

thumb_01The Revolutionary war is widely considered to have ended at Yorktown. However, on the frontier borders of this fledgling country, the war was still very much alive. Small communities like Wheeling were struggling to survive amidst continuing conflict with the British and their Native-American allies. For the colonial denizens of Wheeling, hardship was a way of life, and the threat of sudden death was a constant companion. The area’s stronghold, Ft. Henry, was the only means of defense for this frontier settlement, and the people of the area depended on it for their very lives. The fort itself was one of the most famous and renown of the era, having withstood several very bloody sieges. It is during the final of those sieges, on the blood soaked banks of the Ohio River, that our subject, 16 year old Elizabeth (Betty) Zane, became a legend.

What We Need

We need to conduct on camera interviews with historians, colonial descendents and descendents of the Native-American tribes, secure rights, and develop the final script for the definitive documentary on Betty Zane. Although monetary contributions for this project are not tax-deductible, all donations will be used solely for this purpose. The project is in pre-production, however the interviews gathered will be appear in the final production, so know that your contributions are helping to fund a portion of the actual film. Should we not reach our goal, the funds received will still go towards advancing this project as much as possible. We will keep all supporters informed on the project status through bettyzanefilm.com.

Supporters will receive merchandise, credits, and advertising on bettyzanefilm.com. See the perks on our Support Page.

The Impact

Betty Zane FilmThe story of Betty Zane is a compelling one. At 16 years old, caught in the middle of one of the bloodiest conflicts of the war on the frontier, she did what many a brave man may have failed to do, and saved an entire settlement in the process. Her story is on par with those of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, yet few people outside of those familiar with Wheeling’s frontier history are even aware of it. In a small town called Martins Ferry, Ohio, across from modern day Wheeling, WV, there sits a small, almost forgotten cemetery on the edge of town where Betty Zane is laid to rest. A statue stands at the cemetery’s entrance in honor of her heroic act. Not many visit. Not many remember. And many don’t know at all.

Walnut Grove Cemetery [ Map ] [ Statue ]

Your contributions will help us to change that. This story can and should be told. We are a small, yet very talented production company with a proven track record on high profile projects. We know how to tell a story, and we do not disappoint. Like a painter understands how to blend color to achieve his or her masterpiece, Shooters Productions understands its medium, and will blend all the colors of our source material into a coherent and compelling whole. We do not wish to simply create a standard documentary driven by talking heads. We wish to create a docu-drama, complete with dramatic scenes worthy of any Hollywood film. To achieve our own lofty goals, we need people like you.

To those of you who love history, to those of you who yearn for those times when uncommon courage was more commonplace, and to those of you who just love to watch good television and want to be a part of bringing this project to life, we humbly ask for your assistance.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you cannot contribute monetarily, you can still help to bring Betty’s story to light. Spread the word. Visit bettyzanefilm.com to keep track of the latest developments with the project. Please send the link to history buffs that you might know and tell your family, friends, colleagues, and the guy down the street. Great things are rarely accomplished alone…sometimes you need a little help along the way. We would greatly appreciate yours.